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Family Session | Honeymoon Island, Florida

As some of you may know, I moved from Altamonte to Wesley Chapel last year after my older daughter graduated from high school. The little one and I are really loving it in our new home with an amazing guy who takes great care of us. I have been taking photos for so long in Central Florida, knowing all my go-to spots (that look really pretty and don't get too crowded) that I completely forgot the struggles of starting over in finding those go-to places that are local to me and my clients. I am still looking for new spots around here but recently I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful little family at the beach nearby. We had a great time exploring the island but, boy was it crowded there!

Seriously though, how cute is this family?!

The sunsets here are to die for! Even at our house, which is an hour from the west coast, I cannot get over the gorgeous sky at sunset every evening. Just beautiful!

These series of images are some of my absolute favorite. It doesn't matter how many times I have looked at them while I am editing, I always catch myself unconsciously smiling as I go through them. You can just see all the natural joy in their faces.

And what a gorgeous couple mom and dad are! Just lovely!



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